“Day Job” Out Now

Chameleonize’s newest release, “Day Job,” tells a relatable story about growing up

The newest release by New York City-based soul/prog band: “Day Job,”  is a grooving tune that combines R&B, Funk, Jazz and Rock, and with Pop vocal melodies. Its quirky female lyrics narrate the struggle of uncertainty many young people face as they become adults in a world of "expectation." It is a lyrical satire, criticizing the perceived “rules” that dictate how we grow up. The band wrote this song at a time when all the members were going through a similar stage in life and attempting to juggle advice from conflicting sides. “Day Job” tells a relatable story that bounces between these conflicting viewpoints about growing up, just as the band-members experienced themselves. Conceptually, the song reminds us to simply find a groove and pursue happiness above all.

Listen HERE

"If Chameleonize keeps pumping out catchy tunes like this, they'll never need day jobs again."

-Jimmy, Live for Live Music

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